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Workshops can be used to learn more about disability and how to improve access and can be tailored to individual needs. YDAN has presented workshops for all ages and knowledge levels. 

YDAN at s School
YDAN Officer presenting
YDAN participants on floor


A basic introduction to the concepts of disability covering topics like the social model, universal design and correct terminology to use. The opportunity to ask questions in a judgement free space. Hands-on activities get participants really thinking.


This workshop covers the basics of disability and covers key points for how to create accessible events using feedback and stories. A unique opportunity to listen directly and find out how to make your events or services more accessible.

You're Doing
It Wrong

Drawing on personal stories and experiences of young people with disabilities. Addressing sexual health and disability by looking at the social stigmas and attitudes around disabilities and exploring the need for decent sex education.

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Drawing on YDAN's research into issues and challenges in schooling, it covers different relationships in the classroom environment. It provides a great personal insight and gives teachers and support staff the opportunity to ask questions they wouldn't normally get to ask.

Young Person
(Aged 15)

“One thing I enjoyed was everything because everything was awesome. One thing I would change is nothing.”

City of Swan
Staff Member 

“Great to hear it is completely youth driven, useful to hear their personal stories and experience. Well done to the facilitators!”

Fairground 2016
Conference Participant

"Really interesting to hear about issues from the perspective of young people with disabilities - and then get to experience it!"