The UNLEASHED Speakers

Meet the first of many upcoming disability advocates and leaders from diverse backgrounds, from Perth, Western Australia!

YDAN’s inaugural UNLEASHED 2020 project provided many young people with disabilities an opportunity to develop skills in public speaking and media relations, on disability advocacy and other topics.

As the peak disability-led advocacy organisation for youth in WA, we believe it’s best to hear directly from the real experts - young people with disabilities.

If you have an event, conference, or workshop that could benefit from a powerful disabled person speaking passionately about a range of subjects, we can help!

Madison Heady

Madison Heady is a vibrant young woman navigating her way through the world after high school, and living with a disability. She has had many challenges in her life and has faced them head on with determination, strength and a huge appetite for the outdoors, while campaigning as an advocate for others.

Madison has a highly competitive nature which has seen her compete in all state athletic competitions for the last 3 years and unfortunately due to COVID-19 Madison has not been able to compete nationally. Madison loves the freedom of running and the adrenalin sport and exercise provides. She is a typical young person wanting to participant in the same activities as her peers – coffee with friends, music and festivals and of course the beach.

Madison was born with Cerebral Palsy and wishes to create her own business to create awareness, educate others, increase inclusion in community and develop programs for people living with disabilities. Madison hopes to not only advocate for people with disabilities and increase awareness, but to also encourage people with disabilities to engage in their community, embrace uniqueness and acknowledge their strength and use them to be the best version of themselves. She has spoken to many groups, fundraised for Telethon and educated school children on the importance of inclusion. She has been an inspiration for many young children growing up with a disability and given many parents hope that their children will live fulfilled lives. Madison’ favorite quote is “inclusion only truly exists when we don’t have to talk about it, it just comes naturally“ – Madison’s high school teacher and mentor.