Working to benefit all communties!

At the Youth Disability Advocacy Network Inc. we’re dedicated to helping people in the community develop their knowledge and skills when it comes to working with people with disabilities. Since 2016, we have provided a variety of services to organisations and audiences throughout WA, including workshops, presentations and specialist audits / consultations.

Young people at a YDAN Workshop


YDAN presents a number of hands on, professional workshops for all ages and needs. The workshops are created by young people with disability and draws on their experience and stories.

YDAN Team conducting and Audit


We provide tailored audits conducted by young people with disabilities, which provide comprehensive experiential feedback on access and appeal to youth.

YDAN Team speaking


At the Youth Disability Advocacy Network, we hope that by sharing our stories and experiences of struggle and success in life we can inspire others and motivate change.

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YDAN Gorup Advocacy


YDAN works in systemic advocacy to fix attitudes, rules, laws and systems. We do this through community engagement, lobbying, campaigning and direct action.