Our Projects 

YDAN is always on the lookout for new opportunities to support our members, and regularly applyies for funding to implement projects that centre young people with disabilities.

The Lives We Lead

The Lives We Lead is a collaborative social media project to influence the community to better understand the contributions that people with disability are making economically, socially, culturally and politically. The project captures up to twenty video and photo stories of people with disability going about their lives achieving ordinary and extraordinary things.

Jet Through Life

The ‘Jet through Life’ project is a community partnership between the Youth Disability Advocacy Network Inc. and the ECU Jets to contribute to the development of young people with disability in Western Australia through promoting participation, healthy lifestyles and active engagement in sport and active recreational activities and the social, health and community benefits of these.

YDAN 2020 - Youth Taking Charge

This project has two main public-facing components. The first is a disability-specific youth summit, the first of its kind in WA. This will focus on self-advocacy skills for improved personal outcomes, enhancing support networks through making peer connections where skills and opportunities can be shared and formed, and learning more about self-management skills through participating in peer-led discussions & specialised training.


The other major component is a mentorship program for youth with disabilities to acquire mentors that live with disabilities, and potentially work in their desired field. The mentors will guide them in their career aspirations and relevant decision making, specifically overcome barriers in access to employment through growing connections and support networks, and increase their confidence in engaging meaningfully in the workforce.


This is a unique opportunity for Young People with Disability (YPWD) to build their individual capacity to participate in the economy and benefit from employment, like other members of the community, through members participating in a training program focused on developing the necessary skills to operate successfully as a self-employed professional speaker. This will include a showcase event, where the YPWD will ‘graduate’ from the program and showcase their skills to friends, family and potential clients. YDAN will facilitate a booking and payment process for their professional speaking engagements, as well as develop a resource for employers on the barriers YPWD face in employment.

Disability Pride

The 29th annual Pride WA Pride Parade will be held on Saturday 30th November 2019. The theme for this year is "Reflect; love, heroes, community & identity."


YDAN wants to ensure that the disability LGBTQ+ community is reflected in the parade, and will be organising the Disability Pride contingent for the second year running!

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